Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners

I and all my immediate family members are self-employed in small businesses or services, so I know that starting a new business or expanding a growing business succeeds or fails with its availability to financing.

If you are a new self-employed entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, then you know that it is not always easy for a small business owner to obtain commercial financing from a bank but as a mortgage broker, I have access to many different lending sources and at competitive rates. I even have access to Private Lenders.

Having a loan proposal properly prepared and presented to lenders is essential for success. I am here to help you by having answers to the tough questions before they are asked.

If you need money for everyday business expenses, hiring new employees or needing to update your equipment for expansion, I am here to help. Starting a loan request early can often times be the difference between a great interest rate or a very high one or not getting approved for additional financing.

 Let’s talk today and get your business finances secured.


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