Rental Properties

This is important. If you are considering buying an investment or rental property, then I want to meet and talk with you.

One of my best decisions and one of my worst decisions involved rental properties.

The best decision was when I bought my first of four rental properties. My worst decision was when I sold them.

Over my 20+ years previously as a Realtor both in Canada and Internationally, I have met a large number of wealthy individuals who got their financial start with residential and / or commercial rental properties. If you are considering buying a property for rental purposes or need a home improvement loan for one of your rental or investment properties, please meet with me as I am going to do everything I can to get you the best mortgage with the best rate and terms for your investment success.

I would like to personally meet with you to listen to your plans, to encourage you and give you my best personal advice from my years of rental, real estate and mortgage broker experience.

Let me help you succeed with rental investment plans.


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