Get the Best Rate

I Shop and You Save!  

Rates, rates, rates. Everywhere you look everyone is talking about their low mortgage rates but have you ever asked yourself, what's the catch?

Looking at the fine print and the terms of the mortgage is just part of my service. Of course, I am looking for the best rate for you but just as important are the terms; the catch. 

You can't just shop rates! Having a good rate without equally good terms is like sticking your head in the sand. And forget what the posted rate your bank is advertising. I can access 40 plus different lenders; banks, credit unions and private investors, all with very competitive wholesale rates.

Are you looking for and open or closed mortgage, with fixed or variable rate? There are lots of options and many payment options that we can discuss. I will match you up with the best mortgage rate with the best mortgage terms for your long term needs. 

Mortgages and loans are my only business. I provide my clients with low cost mortgage solutions and exceptional financial services. When you work with me, you only need to discuss your personal information once, not with multiple lenders.

I work for you, not the Lenders and I will negotiate on your behalf and at no cost to you, saving you time and money. I can make the entire mortgage experience as simple as possible. Let’s discuss how we can develop a long term long mortgage strategy for your mortgage freedom.

Of course, I am still going to get you the best mortgage rate possible.

Best Rates - Best Terms - Great Service - APPLY