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Mortgage Calculators Help to Determine What You Can Afford

Are you thinking of buying a home but have no idea what you can afford? Mortgage calculators take the guesswork out of finding out what your payments will be based on any amount borrowed. Going online makes doing the calculations a simple and convenient way to find out this valuable information. How a Mortgage Calculator … Read More

Variable Rate vs. Fixed Rate: the Great Mortgage Debate

Home owners have been able to take advantage of historically low mortgage rates for the past several years. Whether they are buying a home or making a decision to refinance a mortgage, the question about choosing a variable rate vs. fixed rate mortgage always comes up. To determine which one is best for you, consider … Read More

Want to be Mortgage-free Sooner? Talk to a Mortgage Broker and Make a Plan

According to the results of a recent survey conducted for CIBC by Angus Reid, the average Canadian homeowner expects to be mortgage-free by the age of 58. This view is not the standard across the country, however. In British Columbia, respondents stated that they thought it would take them an average of eight years longer … Read More

Commercial Mortgage Brokers Can find Creative Solutions for Investors

Investors who are looking for an option that will provide a higher rate of return than bonds and who want to diversify their portfolios to include something that is more tangible than stocks are turning to commercial real estate as a way to generate revenue. The Canadian market has become very popular over the past … Read More

Bank of Canada Warns Housing Prices Rising Faster than Disposable Incomes

The Bank of Canada has issued a warning to consumers about the country’s housing market. In its semi-annual review of the financial system admits that the likelihood of a sharp correction in housing prices, is small. In the unlikely event that one occurred, the consequences would be significant. According to the report, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, … Read More

How to Qualify for a New Construction Loan

It is more difficult to qualify for a new construction loan than a conventional mortgage or a refinance on an existing home, since the lender is taking on a higher level of risk during the construction phase. A lender will be looking for a higher down payment than the standard 20 percent down; at each … Read More

Kelowna Real Estate Market Operating on All Cylinders

The Kelowna real estate market is doing very well and is not expected to slow down during the summer. The Central Okananagan region is a popular one for home buyers in 2014 as more people are making the choice to take the plunge, stop paying rent and put their money into equity into their own … Read More

Which Mortgage Payment Frequency Rate is Best?

Once you have been approved for mortgage financing, you will need to make a decision about how often you would like to make your payments. It’s important to be able have your mortgage payment work well with your cash flow, and lenders give you a choice of up to six payment frequencies so that you … Read More

Basic Mortgage Terms you Should Know

If you are going to be a savvy mortgage consumer, you need to be familiar with some basic mortgage terms. The language of this type of financial transaction may seem confusing at first, but once you are familiar with the terminology, it will make sense. Here are some terms you will likely see and hear … Read More

Refinancing your Mortgage: Consider your Options Before you Sign

Is your mortgage coming up for renewal over the next few months? Have you thought about your plans for refinancing your mortgage? This is a major financial decision, and failing to examine your options could end up costing you thousands of dollars!   Mortgage Consumers Gather Information and Consider Options According to Canada Mortgage and … Read More