The Secrets To Using A Mortgage Calculator To Your Advantage

Mortgage calculators can be used to tell you how much you will pay on a mortgage of a set amount at a particular interest rate, but they can be used to show you a lot more information as well. You can use a mortgage calculator to your advantage to find out other helpful information you … Read More

How to Qualify for a Mortgage if you are Self-employed

If you have decided to take the leap into self-employment within the last couple of years, Congratulations! You have done something that a lot of people dream about and talk about but never have the nerve to do. Striking out on your own comes with many challenges, but there are just as many rewards for … Read More

Benefits of Home Ownership

Are you considering buying a home but aren’t sure whether wearing the “homeowner” hat is for you? There are some definite benefits of home ownership that make it a desirable lifestyle choice. Consider these advantages as you are making up your mind and deciding whether it is something that you want to enter into for … Read More

Rates Aren’t the Only Factor to Look at When Considering a Mortgage

Are you looking for a new mortgage or refinancing your home in the near future? What is the first thing that crosses your mind? Many people are firmly focused on rates, and while that is an important consideration, it’s not the only thing they should be considering when looking for a mortgage. There are other … Read More

Choose the Right Mortgage Amortization Period

Most people who buy a home don’t pay the entire amount in cash. Instead, they make a down payment of a percentage of the purchase price and take out a loan for the balance owing. The mortgage is paid back over a certain number of years, with interest. As a mortgage consumer, you can choose … Read More