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Variable Rate vs. Fixed Rate: the Great Mortgage Debate

Home owners have been able to take advantage of historically low mortgage rates for the past several years. Whether they are buying a home or making a decision to refinance a mortgage, the question about choosing a variable rate vs. fixed rate mortgage always comes up. To determine which one is best for you, consider … Read More

Rates Aren’t the Only Factor to Look at When Considering a Mortgage

Are you looking for a new mortgage or refinancing your home in the near future? What is the first thing that crosses your mind? Many people are firmly focused on rates, and while that is an important consideration, it’s not the only thing they should be considering when looking for a mortgage. There are other … Read More

Can a Mortgage Broker Get me a Better Interest Rate than a Bank?

One of the reasons a home buyer choose to work with a mortgage broker is to get a better preferred rate on his or her mortgage. If you are wondering whether a mortgage broker can get you are better interest rate than a bank, the answer is Yes. Mortgage Brokers have access to wholesale mortgage … Read More

Are More Canadians Preferring Fixed Mortgage Rates?

With mortgage rates now at historical lows and the spring house buying market officially underway, it seems as though locking in fixed mortgage rates should be the way to go for Canadians who are buying a home or who have a mortgage that is up for renewal in the next few months. Choosing a mortgage … Read More

Which Mortgage Payment Frequency Rate is Best?

Once you have been approved for mortgage financing, you will need to make a decision about how often you would like to make your payments. It’s important to be able have your mortgage payment work well with your cash flow, and lenders give you a choice of up to six payment frequencies so that you … Read More

Self-employed Mortgage Rates: Not all Lenders are the Same

Self-employment has become a more popular choice for Canadians as the job market has shifted in recent years. Either by choice or through necessity, more people are deciding to take on the challenges and rewards of working for themselves. It can be challenging to get a self-employed mortgage through a chartered bank, since these lenders … Read More

With Canadian Property Prices Set to Rise, is Now the Time to Buy?

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) has released a report updating its forecast for home sales for the rest of 2014 and the year 2015. Sales are expected to remain steady nationwide. Over the last few months of 2014, prices are likely to increase by 5.7 percent and will change by only 0.7 percent in … Read More