Monthly Archives: October 2014

Are You and Your Family Ready To Purchase A New Home?

How do you know it’s time for you and your family to move up to a new home? Most people buy a “starter home” with the idea that it won’t be the one they end up staying in for the rest of their lives. Even if they have a plan for moving out of their … Read More

The Top Benefits of Home Equity Loans That You MUST Know About

Once you have been settled in your home for a few years and have had time to pay down your mortgage and build equity in your home, you may be interested in gaining access to that money to cover an unexpected expense or pay for improvements to your property. Home equity loans, which are second … Read More

When is it Worthwhile to Break your Mortgage?

If you have been taking note of today’s low mortgage rates and are wondering whether it may be worthwhile to break your mortgage, take a step back and think about it carefully. Depending on the circumstances, it may not be worthwhile to take this step. Open vs. Closed Mortgage If you have an open mortgage, … Read More

Real Estate Investing: Buy/Hold or Mid-term Strategy?

Investing in something tangible like real estate is a popular choice for investors. At a time when bonds are not offering a high level of return and the stock market is considered risky, buying a rental property and having tenants pay the mortgage is an attractive option. The only issue with this type of buy-and-hold … Read More