Monthly Archives: September 2014

You Can Apply for a Kelowna Mortgage with Bad Credit

For a number of people, the past few years have been economically challenging. It’s relatively easy to get into financial trouble these days – all it takes is a job loss, a serious illness or disability, or a business that didn’t perform as expected, and the next thing you know you are in a situation … Read More

Can a Mortgage Broker Get me a Better Interest Rate than a Bank?

One of the reasons a home buyer choose to work with a mortgage broker is to get a better preferred rate on his or her mortgage. If you are wondering whether a mortgage broker can get you are better interest rate than a bank, the answer is Yes. Mortgage Brokers have access to wholesale mortgage … Read More

Want to be Mortgage-free Sooner? Talk to a Mortgage Broker and Make a Plan

According to the results of a recent survey conducted for CIBC by Angus Reid, the average Canadian homeowner expects to be mortgage-free by the age of 58. This view is not the standard across the country, however. In British Columbia, respondents stated that they thought it would take them an average of eight years longer … Read More

Commercial Mortgage Brokers Can find Creative Solutions for Investors

Investors who are looking for an option that will provide a higher rate of return than bonds and who want to diversify their portfolios to include something that is more tangible than stocks are turning to commercial real estate as a way to generate revenue. The Canadian market has become very popular over the past … Read More

Are More Canadians Preferring Fixed Mortgage Rates?

With mortgage rates now at historical lows and the spring house buying market officially underway, it seems as though locking in fixed mortgage rates should be the way to go for Canadians who are buying a home or who have a mortgage that is up for renewal in the next few months. Choosing a mortgage … Read More