Mark Price

The LOW rate advertised may get your attention, but it may not be the best deal for you.

Helping my clients develop a long term mortgage plan, that gets their mortgage paid off sooner and be debt free as soon as possible is my goal.  It is that simple!

It starts by helping you understand all the terms of your mortgage, not just the rate. For 22 years as a professional Realtor, I built long term relationships by putting my client’s interest first.  I have helped hundreds of home owners find that perfect home at the best price and now as a mortgage broker, I am continuing that tradition. I have knowledge of the entire real estate and the mortgage markets to the benefit of my clients. I provide a personal service.

Because, I am not affiliated with any one lender, I have access to exclusive mortgage and loan deals at wholesale prices that are not available on the open market; saving you money every month. What the major banks post is NOT the best rate! It is just the rate, that you hope you accept.

Mortgage rates and terms are constantly changing and with the new Canadian financial requirements, getting your mortgage or home equity loan approved is becoming more difficult. I know exactly what the lenders are looking for in a successful mortgage application and I will help you help you showcase your strengths and minimize any weaknesses. This is particularly useful for people with bruised credit.

I will shop and negotiate for your particular loan needs to over 40 lenders. A retail bank can only offer you what they have, typically at a higher rate and on their terms. As your Mortgage Broker, I am your advocate to get you the best rate and the best terms.

Let’s work together and let me help you get the best rate with the best terms, so you can pay less and pay off that mortgage or home loan sooner. I would be happy to meet you assist you via online.

I work for you, not the Lenders!

Mark Price




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