Private Lenders

Private Mortgage Lending

Ok, so you have called the banks and haven’t been successful with getting approved with your finances, but don’t give up just yet. Some loans just don’t meet bank or typical lender standards and may need private money funding which I have access to. I love working the hard deals for my clients.

Due to new mortgage rules set out by the government and caution by the big banks, the private lender market is stepping in and providing much needed financing options. With the low bank interest rates being paid by the bank, investors are looking to lend second mortgage loans for both residential and for small businesses.

I have connections to private mortgage lenders who operate differently from banks and other mortgage lenders as their financing is with individual investors or by group or pool of mortgage funds. While these private loans are slightly more expensive they are usually only for a short term, allowing you to obtain conventional financing once any troublesome credit issues have been cleared up.

If you are in need of a second mortgage on your home and have been turned down by the banks don’t give up. Let’s see if I can help you get out of your “sticky” financial situation. There might only be some short term pain for your long term gain. 


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