It Makes Sense

When refinancing MAKES SENSE



Is your mortgage up for renewal in the next few years?

Do you have a high credit card balance?

Do you still have the same balance on your Home Equity Loan you had 3 years ago?

Is your mortgage rate higher than 3%?

Could your family use some extra cash every month?

While I can’t get rid of your debt, I can help you pay the least amount of interest. Do you realize that home mortgages are now as low as 2.05%, most credit cards charge an interest rate of between 20 to 30% and that, the Lenders pay for my services!

Last week I helped a young couple refinance their mortgage. They had 2 years left on their mortgage and they owed $321,453 at 3.29% and another $32,000 between their car loan and high interest rate credit cards. Their monthly payments totaled $2,668.

Using their own equity in their home, I restructured their debts, and lowered their monthly payments to $1,608, thus saving them $1060 per month.

If you have high interest loans, a home equity loan that you are not getting paid off, or a mortgage rate higher than 3%, then it just  MAKES SENSE  to refinance at a lower interest rate and give you and your family some financial “breathing room” by lowering your total monthly payments.

My business is unique; my services are free.  It just MAKES SENSE to give me a call and see how much money I can save you.


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