Bruised Credit Solutions

Bruised Credit Solutions

Our life plans, our job and unfortunately our health, doesn’t always work out they way we expect and now there is a problem. You didn't plan on it but you do have some credit issues and now you are finding that the big banks aren't your friend anymore.

Bruised credit issues do not mean that you can't get financing and that you can’t get a great rate on your mortgage or home equity loan. Many of our lenders specialize in dealing with bruised credit issues. Your stability of income and any equity in your property are just as important as the story of your poor credit.

I specialize in getting you the best rate with smaller lending institutions or private lenders and there is a wide range of options that I will want to discuss with you. The sooner we get started, the sooner I can get you the funds that you need.

Don’t let your dream of that new home fade. Let me show you your mortgage option and I will work hard to find a solution for you. 


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