Annual Financial Check Up

Annual Financial Check Up

There are checkups in life that are not pleasant, and you might even try to ignore them, but they usallly have a habit of causing more grief in the end than had we dealt with them properly. Finances and debts are also one of those issues that should be addressed annually.  

For most of my clients, their mortgage is their biggest monthly debt so it is a worthwhile endeavour to ensure that the mortgage rate, terms, payment and amortization are helping you to be mortgage free as soon as possible. 

As your trusted mortgage broker I will want to discuss with you three important issues; your current and future financial requirements, the current rates and any changes to your family income so we can discuss variable rates, open or closed mortgages and payment options.

Lots can change in your life over a five year mortgage contract term so doing an annual financial check up and managing your financial needs is just as important as exercise and diet. Do you have a spending or debt reduction plan this year? Let’s take a look at your financial obligations together and determine if they are getting better year over year. 

Please don't be complacent about your Mortgage Health as it may cost you dearly. Financial freedom doesn’t have to be a dream.

Let’s talk and work together to develop a strategy for you and your family.



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